Albania Internet Governance Forum 

Session 1 

1. Initial Headline 

Internet Governance: Promotion And Awareness 

- Internal Disruptions: 

- Possible Questions To Address: 

1. How We Can Increase Internet Governance Awareness Among Different Communities In Albania? 

 2 How To Increase Collaboration And Exchange Between Different Stakeholders?  

 3.How To Align Priorities And Set Common Standards? 

4. How To Initiate A Dialogue On National, Regional And International Level?  

 2.. Title 

 - Proposed Title 

 Increasing Internet Governance Awareness In Albania : Is A Multistakeholder Approach Enough? 

 Final Title 


 3. Teaser 

 Internet Governance And Internet Management Mechanisms Are Not Anymore An Unfamiliar Concept In Albania. Although The Country  Has To  Deal Still  With Infrastructure  And Access Issues Resulting In Digital Divide As Most Developing Countries, Major Concerns Are Also  Awareness And Concept Definition To Different Stakeholders. It Is Necessary To Gather Different Stakeholders In Order To Asses Their  Respective Needs And Dilemmas In Terms Of Internet Governance And Align And Converge Towards Common But Yet Specific And Different  Priorities In Terms Of Policy Making And Strategy Drafting And Execution In Order To Empower Communities And Increase Regional And  International Cooperation.  

 4. Key Words 

 Internet Governance Mechanisms, Multistakeholder Approach, Internet Governance Awareness, Empowerment, Digital Society  

 5. Session Description 

 This Session Will Bring Together Different Stakeholders From Representing Government, Civil Society, Business, Academia, International  Organization And Technical Community Encouraging Highly The Participation Of Students And Youth.  

 In This Session There Will Be A General Presentation Of The Current Definitions And Mechanisms Of Internet Governance Mechanisms That  Exist In The Country Which Will Be Illustrated Also Through Examples From Policies And Best Practices From The Business Community,  Academia And Civil Society. Speakers From Each Stakeholder Group In The Country Will Share Their Experience And Knowledge In Terms In  Terms Of Internet Governance Whilst Addressing Also The Different Problems That They Encounter At A Micro And Macro Level.  

 The Main Focus Of The Session Is To Be An Introductory Session Not Just For This First National Internet Governance Initiative But As Well To  Other Events Or Debates Related To Internet Governance Awareness.  

 6. Session Format 

 -Presentation From Different Stakeholders Sharing The Best Practices And Challenges As Well One Presentation From The Youth Community.  

 Interactive Q/A Session 

 Interactive Exercise: Elaborating A Problem Tree Solution From Each Stakeholder Group At The End Of The Session In Order To Asses And  Align Priorities In Terms Of Internet Governance Awareness.  

 7. Resources 

 1.  Https://Www.Internetsociety.Org/History-Internet-Governance 

 2. Https://Www.Intgovforum.Org/Multilingual/ 

 3. Http://Www.Twn.My/Title2/Resurgence/2014/287-288/Cover02.Htm 

. Main Roles 

 -Main Moderator- Is Responsible For Presenting The Session And Keeping Up The Debate Alive 

 -Second Moderator- Helps The Main Moderator  

 -Speakers- From Different Stakeholder Groups  

 -Raporteur- Responsible For Elaborating The Main Messages Of The Session And Delivering Them On Time.  

 9. Key Messages 

Organization Team 

 Session 2 

 Initial Headline 
 Cybersecurity: National Strategy, Law, Priorities Awareness, Risks 

 - Internal Disruptions: 
 Possible Questions To Address: 

 Is Drafting  And Implementing A National Cybersecurity Strategy A Sufficient Condition For Safe Internet In Albania?  

 What Are The Main Challenges Of Drafting And Implementing A Cybersecurity Strategy In Albania?  

 How To Integrate The Multistakeholder Approach?  

 What Are The Implications For Human Rights?  

 What Are The Implications For Digital Natives And Digital Migrants?  

  2 Title 
 - Proposed Title 

 Cybersecurity: Safer Internet In Albania? 

 -Final Title 
 3 Teaser 

 Albania Is A Developing Economy Where Internet Connectivity And Telecommunication Infrastructure Are Improving And Increasing.  Cybersecurity As A Core Construct  Was Traditionally Related To National Security Problems And Cyber Attack. The Emergence Of The  Need To Have Multistakehoder Approach On Cybersecurity Determines The Elaboration And Implementation Of The National  Cybersecurity Strategy.  

 4 Key Words 

 Cybersecurity Strategy, Cybersecurity Awareness, Safe Internet,  

 5 Session Description 

 The Aim Of This Session Is Gather Different Stakeholders Impacted From National Cybersecurity Strategy And Safe Internet Issues. This Session  Will Not Only Focus On Policy Making Issues, Institutional Implications, Law And Rule Of Law, The Main Purpose Is To Have A Systemic  Approach About Cybersecurity And How Does It Impact Individuals At A Daily Personal And Professional Basis. Human Rights Issues,  Cybersecurity Education Should Be Discussed.  

 6 Session Format 

 The Session Will Include A Presentation Of The National Cybersecurity Strategy, But The General Idea Is To Keep The Session As A Live  Debate Amongst Different Stakeholder And With The Main Outcome To Set A Clear Agenda About Safe(Safer Internet) In Albania.  Testimonies Of Children, Teenagers And Young People( As Digital Natives) And Of Adults(As Digital Migrants Will Be Highly  Encouraged.  

 7 Resources 



 8 Main Roles 

 Main Moderator- Is Responsible For Presenting The Session And Keeping Up The Debate Alive 

 -Second Moderator- Helps The Main Moderator  

 -Speaker- From National Authority On Cybersecurity 

 -Testimonies From Children, Teenagers, Young People And Adults 

 -Raporteur- Responsible For Elaborating The Main Messages Of The Session And Delivering Them On Time.  

 9 Key Messages 

 10 Organization Team